Kleobis and Biton - the "Twins of Argos"

Kleobis and Biton The 'Twins' of Argos

Artist: Polymedes

Date: 580 BC

Find site: Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi

Material: Parian Marble

Dimensions: H 1.97 m

Nicolas-Pierre Loir (1624–1679): Kleobis and Biton

Date circa 1649, oil on canvas. Height: 61 cm (24 in); width: 74 cm (29.1 in). Current location Budapest



A kouros (plural kouroi) is the term given to free-standing ancient Greek sculptures that first appear in the Archaic period in Greece and represent nude male youths.

In Ancient Greek kouros means “youth, boy, especially of noble rank.” Such statues are found across the Greek-speaking world. The female sculptural counterpart of the kouros is the Kore.